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We help entrepreneurs to design and participate in campaigns with social or sustainable causes

innovative solutions

Crowdfunding campaigns with new innovative solutions to existing societal problems have priority

Engagement is key

We believe that campaign creator’s engagement and passion before and during the campaign run is critical

Focus on sustainable development goals

We prioritize campaigns that contribute to sustainable development goals in line with our mission

15 Mar 2017


Somitra B.V. exports various printing products to the Middle-Eastern and central Asian markets, relying on its broad network of customers and qualified European suppliers. Our managers have extensive knowledge and experience of the industry in leading printing companies in the Netherlands. They can help to provide customers with the most suitable providers in terms of quality and price. In addition, Somitra B.V. can guarantee the product delivery to customers wherever they are in the Middle-East and central Asia with the least lead time.

We believe our competitive advantage is our network of top worldwide providers and our focus on customers’ needs and feedback. Our many years of experience in top-notch international printing companies have provided us ample strong ties with a number of trustworthy and competent international providers. In addition and as we are quite familiar with the printing market in the Middle-East and central Asia, we can easily communicate and understand our customers’ needs and priorities. Hence, we would like to invite you to consider various types of high-quality products that we can offer to our customers.

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